Cydia Download for iPhone 5: Essential Details Every Newbie Should Know

Cydia Download for iPhone5Cydia is remains an undisputed source for mobile apps that are not offered by the Apple App Store. It allows you to enjoy new apps while allowing you to use your device in various ways. Today, many people who own iPhone 5 wish to get this app and experience its wonderful benefits. If you’re looking for Cydia download for iPhone5, you need to know several details in preparation for the installation process.

First rule is research and be confident

If it is your first time to install Cydia in your device, you’re will probably be concerned about modern portable device jargons like jailbreaking, untethered and a lot more. Don’t worry so much about it as the entire process of having Cydia on your phone is simple. Equip yourself with knowledge through research and be confident about yourself doing the procedures.

Jailbreaking is crucial

Many people tend to be confused about jailbreaking and finding Cydia download for iPhone5. Many novice people think that installing Cydia is also jailbreaking the device. These are two different processes. Jailbreaking comes first before installing Cydia and using it for getting new apps.

Jailbreaking is the process of freeing your iPhone 5 from features that limit you from installing apps and using other functionality. This procedure can be done on your own by using several jailbreaking programs available online. Guides in using the jailbreaking programs are also posted online to help you along the way.

Jailbreaking and installing Cydia

One of the vital information to learn is the differences in the processes involved in jailbreaking and Cydia installation. The process of installing Cydia is the same. In contrast, jailbreaking procedures vary depending on the type of program you used. Many developers released their own jailbreaking programs that you can use.

iOS version also plays an important role

Cydia download for iPhone5 is available online, but remember that it is only available for device with iOS6. If you have upgraded your device to iOS7, you can’t install and use Cydia since there’s no available jailbreak for the latest OS. You need to wait for jailbreak before getting Cydia.

To wrap up, looking for Cydia download for iPhone5 is simple online. Having this app will help you enjoy your device more compared to the time when you took it out of the box. Keep these details in mind and you’ll be on your way to experiencing the benefit only Cydia can bring.

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HipStore Repo: Download and Install it to iPhone

HipStore RepoFans of jailbroken iDevices were sad to hear that the developers of Installous has stopped working on this Cydia App Store favorite. For those who have not tried jailbreaking their iPhones or iPads or those who are new to jailbreaking, this tweak was where users download paid apps for free and without having to go through iTunes. This tweak was so popular that many people were enticed to jailbreak their phones just to get their hands on free apps that they would normally pay for.

While the end of Installous is bad news for people with jailbroken iDevices, they would be pleased to know that there are a number of alternative apps or tweaks that allows users to access paid apps for free. Of course, all of these tweaks are available on the Cydia App Store. When choosing an alternative to Installous, one has to be careful because many of these tweaks and repositories only offer trial versions of paid apps. If a user likes it, he or she must still purchase the app to get access to full content. This may be fine for many jailbroken iDevice users out there, but for some, a trial version isn’t enough. This is where HipStore Repo comes in. Unlike other app repositories, HipStore Repo allows users of jailbroken phones to download full paid apps for free.

The way HipStore Repo works is quite simple. The first step is to download it onto an iDevice through the Cydia App Store. In order to gain access to this popular underground app store, one must first jailbreak the iDevice. There’s no need to worry about voiding the iPhone or iPad’s warranty by jailbreaking them. As easy it is to hack into the device’s firmware, it is also rather simple to restore the device to its factory setting – free of any evidence that it had once been jailbroken. All one needs to do is to connect it to iTunes on a PC or Mac computer and click on Restore Device.

After downloading and installing it on the device, users can now install cracked versions of what are supposed to be paid applications. To do this, just tap on the HipStore icon in the app screen. Find the search bar and type the name of the paid app to be downloaded and installed. HipStore Repo has a vast array of paid apps to choose from, but be informed that not all paid apps available in the official App Store can be found in this repository. Users should make sure that they don’t exit the application or the phone doesn’t lock up during download and installation or else the process will fail. Once the app has been downloaded and installed, the next step would be to launch the IPA installer (which is also available in the Cydia App Store) to apply the crack to the app and unlock the full version for free. Aside from applications and games, HipStore Repo users can also enjoy free themes and wallpapers that are not usually available on the official App Store or are available for a price.

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How to Take Secret Screenshots of Snapchat Pictures in iOS 7 Without Notifying the Sender

Many people use Snapchat because of its privacy settings. Users can send photos to other users and choose whether the photos will appear anywhere from one to ten seconds before self-deleting. This feature makes it “safer” to send photos to others without worrying that the photo will be making the rounds on the internet. Of course, there is a catch. Recipients can take screenshots of the photos they receive – if they’re fast enough. Luckily for the senders, they are notified whenever a friend takes a screenshot of the photos sent to them, making it easier to track who has a copy of the photo. Snapchat is available for download on Android, Windows Phone (unofficial app), and iOS devices and has become very popular, especially among teenagers and young adults.

Snapchat works well on Apple devices; however, when iOS 7 was first released, the developers of this app were not able to anticipate the adjustments made for devices running on this new firmware version. This adjustment, which involves canceling out the touch gesture when taking a screenshot, nullified Snapchat’s all-important privacy setting by allowing screenshots to be taken without sending a notification to the sender. Snapchat’s developers quickly went to work to resolve this issue and soon enough, this glitch was corrected and Snapchat became “secure” again.

It may be too late for iOS 7 users to take advantage of this loophole in the system, but those who have jailbroken phones can still store Snapchat photos on their phone without taking a screenshot (which will notify the sender). All they need to do is to go to the Cydia App Store and download and install the tweak called Snapchat Log. This tweak is exactly what the name suggests. It records all Snapchat interactions and saves the photos on the device without having to take a screenshot. Once installed, users can go to the Settings App and toggle on Open Snapchat Log. There are two versions of this tweak – a free one and a paid one. The free version only keeps track of the interactions, but does not save the photos on the device. The paid tweak on the other hand, allows users to secretly keep photos sent to them through Snapchat. Users can also delete individual photos or the entire interaction log using this tweak. For now, Snapchat Log only works for photos. Saving video interactions are not supported just yet, but they may be included in the future.

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iOS 7 Jailbreak: iOS 7 Cydia Update Issued; New Tweak Allows Blue Theme Keyboard

ios7Blue Theme Keyboard

One of the benefits of jailbreaking an iPhone or an iPad is gaining the ability to personalize one’s user experience for each device. The jailbreak apps or tweaks used to customize an iPhone, iPad, or even an iPod Touch can be downloaded from an app called Cydia – which is automatically installed in jailbroken phones. The tweaks available in the Cydia App Store allow users to make their device as unique as they are without voiding the warranty on the device. All one has to do is to restore the phone to its factory settings through iTunes and any trace of being jailbroken disappears.

Jailbreaking has become so popular that many Apple device users hold off until a new version of the jailbreak tool is released before upgrading their firmwares. This is to ensure that they will be able to jailbreak and customize their phones as soon as the firmware update is complete.

One of the more popular tweaks available on the Cydia App Store is the BlueBoard tweak created by developer xTheMaster3x. This tweak can be installed and enabled on devices that run on iOS 7.x.x and like the name suggests, this tweak turns the keys of the device’s keyboard blue. This may not seem like a lot to many iOS device, but for those who are tired of the boring dark gray on light gray keyboard Apple devices are known for, changing the color of the keys is a refreshing change. The color also works well with the standard light gray background which comes standard with the keyboard. Once downloaded and installed, all iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users need to do is to enable it by going to the Settings app and switching the toggle to ON.


Of course, it’s understandable that not everyone likes the color blue. For those who are looking for more color options, the Cydia App Store has several other tweaks available for download that allows users to change the keyboard color on their jailbroken phones. One example is Bloard which prevents the device from matching the keyboard color to the app that is open and running when the keyboard is accessed. This allows users to have the same dark keyboard no matter what app they’re running. Those who want more color options apart from BlueBoard’s blue keyboard and Bloard’s infinitely dark keyboard, another tweak in the Cydia App Store called Fancy allows users to change not just the keyboard colors, but the screen colors and themes as well.

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Cydia Tweak: Remember Wraparound? Mobius Does the Same but under iOS 7

MobiusScrolling through each app page on an iPhone or iPad trying to find one particular icon and then having to scroll back after realizing that the icon you’re looking for is on one of the previous screens can be quite frustrating. Several years ago, that stopped being a problem for many who have jailbroken their devices. The Cydia app store contained a solution called Wraparound which allows users to scroll through their app pages continuously without having to scroll back. This is because the app connects the Spotlight screen with the last app screen, thus creating an infinite loop.

Unfortunately for iPhone and iPad users who have newer device models running on iOS 7, this jailbreak tweak has not been updated to work with this new firmware version. Many of those who been using this tweak since it was first released have easily adapted to the change. This is because this newest version of the iOS firmware allows users to store their apps in folders, making it easier to organize one’s app screen and lessens the need for infinite scrolling. There are those, however, who still miss being able to infinitely scroll through their app pages. Luckily for these people, a replacement tweak is available in the Cydia store.

As far as functionality goes, this new tweak called Mobius does the same thing that Wraparound did for older device models and devices that still run on iOS 6 and older. Unlike Wraparound, however, Mobius, which was developed by Tyler Casson, is free of charge and is available in the Cydia store as well as in Casson’s private repository. Those interested in downloading and installing this tweak will be happy to know that it works well with most of the popular packages available in the Cydia Store; however, it does not work with Barrel – another popular jailbreak tweak.

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Introducing: The Burst Mode Cydia Tweak

Burst Mode Cydia TweakWhen Apple rolled out the iOS 7 firmware update, many Apple device users were pleasantly surprised with the inclusion of “burst mode” to their device’s camera application. Burst mode gives users the capability to take up to 10 shots when tapping and holding the shutter button for one second. This can be useful when trying to capture the perfect moment even at high speeds. Unfortunately for many who have older devices or for those who still refuse to upgrade their device’s firmware, there is a way to integrate burst mode into devices running on iOS 6 or even iOS 5. Here’s how:


  • If your device runs on iOS 5.x.x or iOS 6.x.x and is not jailbroken yet, now is the time to do so. Jailbreaking tools for older phone models are still available for download. The process is usually as simple as downloading the tool, launching it on a Windows PC or Mac computer, and following a few simple steps to jailbreak the Apple device.
  • Once an iPhone or iPad is jailbroken, the user now has access to an app called Cydia. This is where all the device’s tweaks and customizations can be downloaded and stored. Go to the Cydia app on the phone and download the Burst Mode tweak developed by PoomSmart.
  • After downloading the tweak, install it and enable it by going to the Settings application and switching the toggle for burst mode to ON.
  • Once the tweak has been enabled, users can now enjoy the same burst mode feature that newer device models running on iOS 7 have.

On the Settings app, users can also adjust the hold time delay, as well as the interval between shots taken when using burst mode. This tweak also offers some functions that are not available on the original iOS 7 upgrade. These functions include enabling or disabling iris animation, preview animation, live preview well, flash burst, and HDR burst.

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How to Jailbreak Your iPhone iOS 7.0.4

If there’s one downside to owning an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, it’s that there’s very little you can do in terms of tweaking or customizing your phone. This can be quite frustrating for many Apple device users, and this is also the reason the term “jailbreak” has become popular over the years. Jailbreaking an Apple device simply means hacking into the phone or tablet’s operating system to allow you to make customizations and tweaks similar to what devices that run on Android platforms allow you to do. This process is not illegal, nor does it void the phone’s warranty. Simply restore the phone back to its factory settings by connecting it to iTunes on any Windows or Mac computer and the device will return to its original state.

Every time Apple rolls out a new operating system upgrade, expect a new jailbreak version to follow soon. Here’s how to do it for iOS 7.0.4:


  • Back up all of your device’s content on iTunes and restore it to factory settings. The “cleaner” your phone is, the smoother the jailbreak process will go.
  • Download the jailbreak tool for Windows (PC) or OSX (Mac) from This is the only place you can get the official jailbreak version for iOS7.
  • With the device connected to the computer (and iTunes turned off), launch the evasi0n jailbreak tool on the computer and click on “Jailbreak” and wait for further instructions.
  • The tool will then display instructions to unlock the device (if it is locked – twice if a passcode is needed) and to click on the evasi0n 7 app icon on the device’s screen.
  • Wait until the jailbreak process is completed and exit the evasi0n jailbreak tool on the computer. The device may re-boot a couple of times to complete the jailbreak.

Once the jailbreak is complete, the device will show a new app icon called Cydia. This is where all the customizations and tweaks can be found. Cydia apps usually update on their own, but it’s always best to check if there are apps that need updating. Happy jailbreaking!

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IPhone 5s and 5c: Revolutionary Mobile Phones on IOS 7

Analysts and observant fans were not wrong in predicting that the special event announced by Apple is also the launching of new iPhones in the market. In fact, the powerhouse portable device manufacturer launched, not one, but two iPhones—iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Both iPhones follow the same, physical construction, but they possess different features that target specific market. If you’re not updated about this new device, now is the high time to learn about the two new Apple devices that currently buzz in the technology world.

iphone 5s 5c ios 7

IPhone 5s: The slick mobile phone for classy individuals

IPhone 5s may look like its predecessor, but careful check show a very slick phone designed for classy individuals. Those who wish to don a power entrepreneur style will also find their match in 5s. It possesses a more crisp and precise detailing styled to perfection. Silky smooth panels, lustrous beveled lining, and elegant finishes are enough in prompting people to drop everything and look at its fancy appeal.

In the past, iPhones, as well as other Apple portable devices, were only available in black and white finishes. However, the company decided to add a third color to adorn this phone series. The third color is gold lining a white iPhone 5s.

Of course, iPhone 5s is not all beauty. It is the sign of Apple’s continuous devotion in meeting the changing market demands in technology. Performance is also enhanced by incorporating new age mobile technology. It is powered with A7 processor chip for faster performance, Touch ID or fingerprint sensor, extremely fast LTE network support, and a lot more.

IPhone 5c: The cheaper and colorful line for trendy people

While 5s is available in three color combinations, Apple took the word trendy to the next level by releasing its own version of colorful iPhones and name it iPhone 5c. Launched in five colors, trendy individuals will find the right iPhone that works with their personal style. IPhone 5c owners can also customize their devices’ styles by matching different colored cases for better appeal.

Colors are this line’s primary attracting feature. However, Apple set the bar higher in terms of market competition by selling 5c at cheaper price. The company cut down the cost on construction by using cheaper yet quality plastic. Performance is still enhanced through A6 chip and with other new features.

IOS 7: The identical feature
Both phones are unique, but they utilize the same iOS 7, the latest and most powerful mobile phone operating system from Apple. These two lines are considered the groundbreaking phones of the year, which call for using improved operating systems. This OS runs perfectly with the installed chips and with better features in taking photos. Other functionalities are also offered with the software, giving way to maximized user experience.

IPhone 5s and 5c are now sold in the United States. Reports have it that the latest phone lines will start to tap other countries’ phone market starting October 25. With powerful features, it’s understandable why a lot of people look forward to its release.

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Cydia Download for iOS7: Still in Progress

Cydia Download for iOS7Cydia is as popular as any app available for iPhone. It serves as the source of several app packages for people who have jailbroken Apple devices. With its features, having Cydia became a necessity for these device owners.

The release of iOS7, the freshest operating system version from Apple, thrilled a lot of individuals planning to upgrade their devices to this version. They are look forward to its features as well as the availability of Cydia download for iOS7.

Pre-iOS7 Release Buzz

The news about iOS7 was only a rumor when people started to ask about the availability of compatible Cydia version for the reported operating system. However, concrete information about the new operating system was unavailable. Without the OS being released to the market, experts can’t jailbreak mobile phones, which is an important procedure before people can use Cydia. No matter how much jailbreakers wanted to work on this project, it won’t be possible due to insufficient information about the product the operating system.

Post-iOS7 Launch News

After several months of waiting, Apple finally released iOS7 for consumers. The latest OS version received mixed feedbacks from users, but tech savvy people became excited since jailbreakers now have the necessary information to start their projects. They can study firmware version and other vital details to jailbreak the latest devices running on this operating system.

As of recent reports, some jailbreakers already start exploring the new OS build in preparation for jailbreaking. People can expect that Cydia download for iOS7 will be available soon after experts completed their project. The crowd’s anticipation on this download can be read online as numerous individuals ask about this download.

An Important Point To Keep In Mind

There’s a possible hurdle in jailbreaking devices with the latest iOS. Experts work on iOS currently offered for download. Therefore, jailbreakers don’t have information about the 7.0.3 upgrade. Developers remind people to avoid upgrading to this version since jailbreaking may be impossible once the device installed this update. This results to the possibility of getting Cydia download for iOS7. Some reports indicate potential inconsistencies with the build that developers are currently studying. They recommend waiting for the jailbreaking utility first instead of upgrading.

Overall, authentic Cydia download for iOS7 is still unavailable, but developers are spending time to jailbreak the devices with the new operating system. Once jailbroken, users can confidently install and obtain programs from Cydia designed for iOS7.

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Installous Alternatives

Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking news any Apple device user received is the fact that Installous and its repos won’t be available in Cydia anymore. Installous established itself as the best downloader of cracked mobile app for iPhone and many users appreciated its offered benefit, especially the availability of cracked apps.

Since Installous won’t be available, Apple device users look for the best alternatives to use in obtaining cracked apps. They want to use apps that maximize their devices’ functionality.

If you’re among these users, you’re fortunate to know that you have lots of alternatives to use and enjoy these apps that you can’t get the usual way.


AppCake is perhaps the most famous Installous alternative users are raving about today. It is very easy to install and use. Installation is done by using iphonecake repo and is easily added by using Cydia. Once launched, users can immediately download their needed apps right from its user interface.

Furthermore, AppCake is known for having similar operations and navigation such as Installous. This caused the alternative more famous among individuals, especially those who used Installous in the past.


This Installous alternative received fame due to various reasons. First, reports have it that a 15-year old developer is behind this remarkable app. The fact that a young individual worked on this program prompted a lot of interested individuals to try it for their downloading needs.

Another essential feature is its easy to use feature. Simple tap on the interface and apps will be delivered to your device. On the other hand, Zeusmos charges a minimal yearly fee, which can be disappointing for some users although those who can spend some money on it will find it beneficial.

Vshare or App VV

Among all the Installous alternatives available online, vShare is perhaps the option that highly resembles the famous downloader. It serves as the gateway for millions of apps that you’ve been looking for. The feel is similar and requires AppSync. Manual installation is also possible, but you must prepare yourself from installing this device. Several reports indicate that installation may not be as simple compared to other alternatives.


This Installous alternative is compared to Zuesmos because of its features. It has license agreements that give way downloading paid apps at no cost, which is a joy for many users. But unlike Zuesmos, using this device may be not as easy as expected. The name itself implies that it is designed with Chinese texts on the interface, making navigation challenging. However, users indicate that navigation is not impossible. You will have an idea of specific tabs’ functions through deduction. Moreover, Kuaiyong can be used even on devices that are not jailbroken.


IFunBox is one of the highly commended Installous alternatives. Many Apple device users recommend it due to its easy to use features. Downloading is simple and overall navigation is easy, which is a great feature for people who are after no-fuss or no-hassle mobile apps in terms of usage. A good thing about this mobile app is it comes with a PC and mobile version. This allows synchronization between the computer and the device. Both Mac and Windows computer support this app, tapping to more users.

Panda App

Panda App has its unique charms if compared with other Installous alternatives. Some people label it as the unconventional option in installing mobile apps, particularly on Apple device. Nevertheless, it deserves to be listed as among the best alternatives because it brings in apps compatible with other mobile operating systems. To set your expectations, installing apps through Panda App is quite challenging since manual app installation is required on your device. However, practice will make the process easier.


HipStore is compared with iFunBox. It offers a PC platform where users can download mobile apps instead of getting them directly on Apple devices. Due to this feature, many people who are comfortable using their computers will have the chance to get their apps and then place them on their devices. Users will browse the website to look for the app and then download. Once downloaded, they can be installed on the mobile app. It is also relatively easier to use despite the need to use a computer for installation.

Overall, Installous alternatives are available for you in getting your needed mobile app. No need to be depressed about Installous shutting down as you have a lot of alternative options to use. Guides in using them are shared online, allowing you to navigate them with ease.

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