Barrel Cydia Tweak For Your iDevice

barrel-cydiaEverybody knows that Cydia is a software that helps people install software packages on their iPhones, this application only helps when the iOS is Jailbroken. Some of the softwares that can be downloaded as freeware, but few of them have to be purchased like the Barrel app. This application was created by a man named Jay Freeman with the help of his staff. The biological name of this software is Cydia pomonella which means ‘worm in the apple’. Identical to any other application Cydia also has an interface, where just one click on the icon will help the user download applications directly to their operating systems.

This particular application is actually legal, the user will still be able to download apps from the App Store without any fuss. When an iPhone is Jailbroken, the software used to do it automatically downloads the Cydia application onto the phone, thus reducing the work of the user. But some of the Jailbreak softwares will not do this and the user has to download the software manually. Barrel is an application that allows users to change the graphical interface of the icon screen, there are many effects that are pre-installed in the barrel app, and some of them are, curl and roll away, curl and roll away alternate, page fade, icon scatter, carousel, Pac-man, whirl and the best effect called the snake. So these are just a few of the effects that are very popular among the users.

As mentioned earlier, Barrel is not an official application developed by Apple, it was developed by a third party. That basically means that you have to first Jailbreak the device and install the Cydia application, which will then allow you to download the Barrel application onto your iPhone. But there are many videos posted by iPhone users on public video sharing sites that say Cydia can be downloaded without Jailbreaking the iPhone. There are a few steps involved in that, and has to be done as soon as possible because it’s only free for a limited time.

Step 1: open ‘’ because this is the only place you’ll get it, and add this app to your icon interface.

Step2: since this is also an App Store, search for Cydia in the site, you will get plenty of results, download the one which is free and has more stars.

Although there are plenty of videos which shows you how to install and make it work, the is no actual fact that it may work. But for some it did work, and they said that, the whole operating system will shut down numerous times and become dead slow, but it will eventually get better and work as a normal app. However, it’s highly recommended that you Jailbreak the phone first and then download Cydia apps, so that other applications like Barrel will work without any twitches. Quite frankly, Barrel is one of the best icon interfaces changing applications in the whole App store that is really fun to use and has its perks.

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