The Best Free iPhone Apps to Download

 Free iPhone Apps to DownloadCurrently there are hundreds of thousands of applications that are created especially for Apple devices such as the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. These applications are developed by Apple and many other private companies, some cost money and some are free. Since paying money is always the last resort, here are a few apps that are the best of the best, and more importantly free!


The Facebook App: Facebook needs no introduction, as everybody knows, this is the biggest social networking site on the internet today, which can also be logged in from an iPhone.

PhotoSynth: this is a new app that lets you create panoramas, although the iPhone’s inbuilt camera app has a panorama mode in it, this application makes it more flexible.

RunKeeper: this app allows you to track your cycling and jogging routes, and also give you a clear mapped data of your tempo and calories burnt.

Pulse: one of the best apps that flows feeds into your phone with pictures, makes your regular RSS feed look like a wet cat.

Dropbox: even though there are plenty of other applications that can be used to sync your computer and iPhone, Dropbox is the best one there is, which is free.

Skype: everybody knows what this is, and yes it is free for iOS.

TonePad: virtual guitars, pianos are fun, but childish. This app is for the grownups. It has a grid based interface that allows you to turn notes off and on, which gives a melodious loop that can be saved as it is or edited.

Twitter: the names say it all.

Wikipanion: the phone version of the best online information portal Wikipedia, it’s free and works well with the iPhone.

Kindle: this app may not be are attractive as iBooks, but it definitely has a gigantic selection of books that can put the public library to shame.

These are just a few applications that are useful and free, apart from them there are thousands of apps that are also free and a modestly useful such as,, Adobe Photoshop Express, iHandy level (basically a virtual spirit level checking tool), PCalc Lite (scientific calculator), iBooks, RL Classic (bar code reader), eBay, Google Earth and thousands more. You can download any type of applications you desire, there are plenty of them to go through. So now you know the applications that are useful, but there is also something called games, which quite frankly is something you really need in your phone to relieve stress. Below mentioned are some of the best free games that app market has to offer,

Dropship: battle gravity and shoot guns to make your way through evil aliens.

Cube Runner: in this game you’re an arrow-mark, and your objective is to navigate through literal cubes at high speeds. May not sound like much, but it’s pretty cool.

Spider: Hornet Smash: you play the role of a spider roaming around the place trying to kill as many bugs as you can.

Real Racing GTi: it’s a racing game that can get your heart pumping. It has amazing graphics, and the gameplay is very good, because of this GTi can be termed as the best arcade game in the free market.   

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