Cydia Apps For The Transformation of iOS 6 Into iOS 7

Developers may be quite comfortable with their iOS 7 Beta 3 which was handed over by Apple on 09.09.2013. However, upgrading without UDID activation is still a big question mark for non-developers. Many users are still undecided whether they will go ahead and bid Apple device jailbreaks adieu until a new utility comes out. But there really is no need to fret. The numerous features in iOS 7 that people have not seen before exist as jailbreak tweaks and so goodbyes may be unnecessary.

You don’t have to lose anything you’ve become used to because Cydia has been equipped by developers to have relevant packages designed to give the user an iOS 7 experience. Nevertheless, given the basic differences between iOS 6 & iOS 7 it will be impossible to give users the chance to see what the actual functions are. However, you will still get to see what it’s like.

Get To Know Cydia

In 2008, an open source app designed to be an alternative for was released to the public. This app, which was present on OS1.1 is called Cydia. Since then it has become one of the biggest apps around and has also evolved into a hugely appealing app store for individuals who jailbreak their devices. In fact Cydia is one of the largest apps used worldwide for third-party downloads.

Cydia contains hundreds of host repositories or repos, some of which are recognizable to Apple users since these are already installed. The biggest ones are BigBoss, Hackstore, Insanelyi, ModMyi, Sinful iPhone, & Xsellize. These are just a handful of repositories and there are hundreds more and it’s for sure that you would like to get most of them.

Customization is one of the biggest trends in hand-held devices today. Cydia has a really wide range of apps that allow for various customization functions. An unbelievable number of apps are on hand to change the appearance of any iDevice. Users will definitely appreciate the choices available to them because they provide functionalities not typically provided by Apple.

Allow us to give you a sneak peek. If you want something to help your multitasking habits then Auxo is for you. BrowserChooser is the tool to use if someone wants to use Safari along with another browser. On the other hand, SBSettings provides lightning fast access to any system settings.

Some of the must-have packages that Cydia can provide you are:

  • MacCiti repo has a free offer called iOS 7 Theme for iPhone that has an awesome iOS icon set
  • MacCiti repo free app called iOS 7 Bars & Battery which has great battery & signal strength icons
  • BigBoss repo offers BlurriedNCBackground which can replace the iOS 6 linen background. The Gaussian background is available for free


  • BigBoss also offers an App Switcher replica for $1.99 called CardSwitcher



  • has a free minimal lock screen recalling the one in iOS 7 called Thin Lockscreen
  • BigBoss has FolderEnhancer for $2.49 which simulates folders


  • BigBoss has an old favorite called Auxo ($1.99) only which has more featuresy than the new Control Center


  • has a free app called DeepEnd which simulates the iOS 7 tilting icons
  • Cydia has BytaFont + Roboto Light which is pretty much the same as the iOS 7 default

In just five years’ time, Cydia has become a huge and recognized name and it only continues to evolve.  It has become instrumental in the race by many developers to keep ahead of Apple.


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