Cydia Tweak IntelliScreenX: All-in-One Notifier Right on the Locked Screen

IntelliScreenXiPhone 5s buzzed in the technology world flaunting its high caliber features that excite tech savvy consumers. On the other hand, Intelliborn also made a noise recently by coming up with IntellScreenX. This Cydia tweak IntelliScreenX is something any iPhone user finds beneficial.
What is IntelliScreenX?

IntelliscreenX is a tweak for Cydia, a jailbreaking platform, and provides access to notifications like new mails, messages, news and social media updates right at the ‘Slide to Unlock’ screen. It serves as an accessibility solution for users.

Offered Features

Consumers look for the finest features in any product or software they will purchase. Cydia tweak IntelliScreenX doesn’t disappoint buyers with its features like the following:


  • Every update in a single screen. The screen is this solution’s heart and soul. All the updates coming in to your mobile phone will be displayed right on the screen. From emails, recent news, text messages, calendar notifications, and social media, you’ll see them on the display for better access.
  • Scrollable user interface. Your phone is locked, but IntelliScreenX is scrollable. It allows you to read the updates by scrolling the screen without affecting your phone’s overall performance.
  • Integrated Facebook and Twitter updates. No problem about using two different notifiers for Facebook and Twitter as they are integrated in one program, making it more convenient to use.
  • Fully integrated with Notification Center that comes with iOS6. iOS6 comes with its Notification Center and it works together with IntelliScreenX without inconsistencies.
  • QuickSettings. IntelliScreenX doesn’t only offer updates, but also QuickSetting icons that let you adjust brightness, flight mode, Bluetooth and a lot more without navigating deep the mobile phone’s operating system.

Cydia Tweak IntelliScreenX

Benefits For Everyone

Cydia tweak IntelliScreenX also offers a lot of benefits. It includes convenience in accessing the updates on a single page. You also don’t get email notifications, but you can also read previews to have an idea about their contents.


IntelliScreenX is available at affordable price. IntelliScreen is offered at $9.99 in Cydia. Hence, IntelliScreenX probably costs within that range. Individuals who downloaded IntelliScreen can upgrade to IntelliScreenX for $7.99. Upgrade is for free if IntelliScreen is purchased within the first 30 days.
Cydia tweak IntelliScreenX deserves all the attention from iPhone users today. Busy individuals wishing to save time in viewing notifications can see them on a page, without even activating the phone and exploring specific folders or applications.

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