Cydia Tweak: Remember Wraparound? Mobius Does the Same but under iOS 7

MobiusScrolling through each app page on an iPhone or iPad trying to find one particular icon and then having to scroll back after realizing that the icon you’re looking for is on one of the previous screens can be quite frustrating. Several years ago, that stopped being a problem for many who have jailbroken their devices. The Cydia app store contained a solution called Wraparound which allows users to scroll through their app pages continuously without having to scroll back. This is because the app connects the Spotlight screen with the last app screen, thus creating an infinite loop.

Unfortunately for iPhone and iPad users who have newer device models running on iOS 7, this jailbreak tweak has not been updated to work with this new firmware version. Many of those who been using this tweak since it was first released have easily adapted to the change. This is because this newest version of the iOS firmware allows users to store their apps in folders, making it easier to organize one’s app screen and lessens the need for infinite scrolling. There are those, however, who still miss being able to infinitely scroll through their app pages. Luckily for these people, a replacement tweak is available in the Cydia store.

As far as functionality goes, this new tweak called Mobius does the same thing that Wraparound did for older device models and devices that still run on iOS 6 and older. Unlike Wraparound, however, Mobius, which was developed by Tyler Casson, is free of charge and is available in the Cydia store as well as in Casson’s private repository. Those interested in downloading and installing this tweak will be happy to know that it works well with most of the popular packages available in the Cydia Store; however, it does not work with Barrel – another popular jailbreak tweak.

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