The Cydia Version of The iOS 7 Jailbreak

iOS 7 JailbreakWhen the new mobile OS is released by Apple this coming autumn, the popular belief is that there will be no more jailbreaking. This assumption was based on the fact that Apple has brought on Notification Center and Control Center. The former is used with iOS 7 beta for lock screen function, while the latter toggle system is similar to SBSettings. Apple knows what its jailbreak fans crave for and have made sure to bring some great features keeping that in mind.

There is one thing that you need to check out if you’re an avid user of Apple devices. There is a screenshot of the potential manifestation of Cydia that reveals what it might seem like if it ever features an iOS 7 system. The designer has made it a point to make it awesome!

In Apple’s yearly WWDC event held last week, the iOS 7 beta was first announced much to the surprise of Apple fans from all over the world. There are a number of changes in the OS. The Cupertino based company has made the move to tone down a notch or two. However, the general opinion on these changes is rather divided. Maybe some users are not ready to let go of the old look. But it is definitely anticipated that later this year, the need for jailbreak will remain high and prominent amongst iDevice users.

cydia iOS 7

Any jailbroken device has Cydia at its very core. It is a GUI that is the brainchild of Jay Freeman, also known as “Saurik.” With Cydia, packages may be installed without the need for any verification from Apple Store or Apple. In fact millions of iPad, iPod touch, & iPhone users have benefited from Cydia in the past few years.

Now that iOS7 has some new cards up its sleeve, Cydia will have to change as well. However, we do not know whether Saurik will do something about it. But it is clear that designers are compelling Saurik to get something done since there is a low-resolution illustration from Stephen Goodings that suggests what an overhaul might look like. This smart visual representation gives users a good idea of what the new OS would seem like. The image presents a much cleaner Cydia.

There is one question that needs to be asked. Is there a need to make these changes with Cydia? This is just one opinion, but for me the app does not need any modifications. Cydia is all about functionality. This app is designed to enhance the experience of the user and is 100% fine by me.

What are your thoughts on this new look? Is this Cydia user-interface something that you’d want to have for yourself? Let us know what you think.

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