HipStore Repo: Download and Install it to iPhone

HipStore RepoFans of jailbroken iDevices were sad to hear that the developers of Installous has stopped working on this Cydia App Store favorite. For those who have not tried jailbreaking their iPhones or iPads or those who are new to jailbreaking, this tweak was where users download paid apps for free and without having to go through iTunes. This tweak was so popular that many people were enticed to jailbreak their phones just to get their hands on free apps that they would normally pay for.

While the end of Installous is bad news for people with jailbroken iDevices, they would be pleased to know that there are a number of alternative apps or tweaks that allows users to access paid apps for free. Of course, all of these tweaks are available on the Cydia App Store. When choosing an alternative to Installous, one has to be careful because many of these tweaks and repositories only offer trial versions of paid apps. If a user likes it, he or she must still purchase the app to get access to full content. This may be fine for many jailbroken iDevice users out there, but for some, a trial version isn’t enough. This is where HipStore Repo comes in. Unlike other app repositories, HipStore Repo allows users of jailbroken phones to download full paid apps for free.

The way HipStore Repo works is quite simple. The first step is to download it onto an iDevice through the Cydia App Store. In order to gain access to this popular underground app store, one must first jailbreak the iDevice. There’s no need to worry about voiding the iPhone or iPad’s warranty by jailbreaking them. As easy it is to hack into the device’s firmware, it is also rather simple to restore the device to its factory setting – free of any evidence that it had once been jailbroken. All one needs to do is to connect it to iTunes on a PC or Mac computer and click on Restore Device.

After downloading and installing it on the device, users can now install cracked versions of what are supposed to be paid applications. To do this, just tap on the HipStore icon in the app screen. Find the search bar and type the name of the paid app to be downloaded and installed. HipStore Repo has a vast array of paid apps to choose from, but be informed that not all paid apps available in the official App Store can be found in this repository. Users should make sure that they don’t exit the application or the phone doesn’t lock up during download and installation or else the process will fail. Once the app has been downloaded and installed, the next step would be to launch the IPA installer (which is also available in the Cydia App Store) to apply the crack to the app and unlock the full version for free. Aside from applications and games, HipStore Repo users can also enjoy free themes and wallpapers that are not usually available on the official App Store or are available for a price.

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