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Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking news any Apple device user received is the fact that Installous and its repos won’t be available in Cydia anymore. Installous established itself as the best downloader of cracked mobile app for iPhone and many users appreciated its offered benefit, especially the availability of cracked apps.

Since Installous won’t be available, Apple device users look for the best alternatives to use in obtaining cracked apps. They want to use apps that maximize their devices’ functionality.

If you’re among these users, you’re fortunate to know that you have lots of alternatives to use and enjoy these apps that you can’t get the usual way.


AppCake is perhaps the most famous Installous alternative users are raving about today. It is very easy to install and use. Installation is done by using iphonecake repo and is easily added by using Cydia. Once launched, users can immediately download their needed apps right from its user interface.

Furthermore, AppCake is known for having similar operations and navigation such as Installous. This caused the alternative more famous among individuals, especially those who used Installous in the past.


This Installous alternative received fame due to various reasons. First, reports have it that a 15-year old developer is behind this remarkable app. The fact that a young individual worked on this program prompted a lot of interested individuals to try it for their downloading needs.

Another essential feature is its easy to use feature. Simple tap on the interface and apps will be delivered to your device. On the other hand, Zeusmos charges a minimal yearly fee, which can be disappointing for some users although those who can spend some money on it will find it beneficial.

Vshare or App VV

Among all the Installous alternatives available online, vShare is perhaps the option that highly resembles the famous downloader. It serves as the gateway for millions of apps that you’ve been looking for. The feel is similar and requires AppSync. Manual installation is also possible, but you must prepare yourself from installing this device. Several reports indicate that installation may not be as simple compared to other alternatives.


This Installous alternative is compared to Zuesmos because of its features. It has license agreements that give way downloading paid apps at no cost, which is a joy for many users. But unlike Zuesmos, using this device may be not as easy as expected. The name itself implies that it is designed with Chinese texts on the interface, making navigation challenging. However, users indicate that navigation is not impossible. You will have an idea of specific tabs’ functions through deduction. Moreover, Kuaiyong can be used even on devices that are not jailbroken.


IFunBox is one of the highly commended Installous alternatives. Many Apple device users recommend it due to its easy to use features. Downloading is simple and overall navigation is easy, which is a great feature for people who are after no-fuss or no-hassle mobile apps in terms of usage. A good thing about this mobile app is it comes with a PC and mobile version. This allows synchronization between the computer and the device. Both Mac and Windows computer support this app, tapping to more users.

Panda App

Panda App has its unique charms if compared with other Installous alternatives. Some people label it as the unconventional option in installing mobile apps, particularly on Apple device. Nevertheless, it deserves to be listed as among the best alternatives because it brings in apps compatible with other mobile operating systems. To set your expectations, installing apps through Panda App is quite challenging since manual app installation is required on your device. However, practice will make the process easier.


HipStore is compared with iFunBox. It offers a PC platform where users can download mobile apps instead of getting them directly on Apple devices. Due to this feature, many people who are comfortable using their computers will have the chance to get their apps and then place them on their devices. Users will browse the website to look for the app and then download. Once downloaded, they can be installed on the mobile app. It is also relatively easier to use despite the need to use a computer for installation.

Overall, Installous alternatives are available for you in getting your needed mobile app. No need to be depressed about Installous shutting down as you have a lot of alternative options to use. Guides in using them are shared online, allowing you to navigate them with ease.

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