Introducing: The Burst Mode Cydia Tweak

Burst Mode Cydia TweakWhen Apple rolled out the iOS 7 firmware update, many Apple device users were pleasantly surprised with the inclusion of “burst mode” to their device’s camera application. Burst mode gives users the capability to take up to 10 shots when tapping and holding the shutter button for one second. This can be useful when trying to capture the perfect moment even at high speeds. Unfortunately for many who have older devices or for those who still refuse to upgrade their device’s firmware, there is a way to integrate burst mode into devices running on iOS 6 or even iOS 5. Here’s how:


  • If your device runs on iOS 5.x.x or iOS 6.x.x and is not jailbroken yet, now is the time to do so. Jailbreaking tools for older phone models are still available for download. The process is usually as simple as downloading the tool, launching it on a Windows PC or Mac computer, and following a few simple steps to jailbreak the Apple device.
  • Once an iPhone or iPad is jailbroken, the user now has access to an app called Cydia. This is where all the device’s tweaks and customizations can be downloaded and stored. Go to the Cydia app on the phone and download the Burst Mode tweak developed by PoomSmart.
  • After downloading the tweak, install it and enable it by going to the Settings application and switching the toggle for burst mode to ON.
  • Once the tweak has been enabled, users can now enjoy the same burst mode feature that newer device models running on iOS 7 have.

On the Settings app, users can also adjust the hold time delay, as well as the interval between shots taken when using burst mode. This tweak also offers some functions that are not available on the original iOS 7 upgrade. These functions include enabling or disabling iris animation, preview animation, live preview well, flash burst, and HDR burst.

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