iOS 7 Jailbreak: iOS 7 Cydia Update Issued; New Tweak Allows Blue Theme Keyboard

ios7Blue Theme Keyboard

One of the benefits of jailbreaking an iPhone or an iPad is gaining the ability to personalize one’s user experience for each device. The jailbreak apps or tweaks used to customize an iPhone, iPad, or even an iPod Touch can be downloaded from an app called Cydia – which is automatically installed in jailbroken phones. The tweaks available in the Cydia App Store allow users to make their device as unique as they are without voiding the warranty on the device. All one has to do is to restore the phone to its factory settings through iTunes and any trace of being jailbroken disappears.

Jailbreaking has become so popular that many Apple device users hold off until a new version of the jailbreak tool is released before upgrading their firmwares. This is to ensure that they will be able to jailbreak and customize their phones as soon as the firmware update is complete.

One of the more popular tweaks available on the Cydia App Store is the BlueBoard tweak created by developer xTheMaster3x. This tweak can be installed and enabled on devices that run on iOS 7.x.x and like the name suggests, this tweak turns the keys of the device’s keyboard blue. This may not seem like a lot to many iOS device, but for those who are tired of the boring dark gray on light gray keyboard Apple devices are known for, changing the color of the keys is a refreshing change. The color also works well with the standard light gray background which comes standard with the keyboard. Once downloaded and installed, all iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users need to do is to enable it by going to the Settings app and switching the toggle to ON.


Of course, it’s understandable that not everyone likes the color blue. For those who are looking for more color options, the Cydia App Store has several other tweaks available for download that allows users to change the keyboard color on their jailbroken phones. One example is Bloard which prevents the device from matching the keyboard color to the app that is open and running when the keyboard is accessed. This allows users to have the same dark keyboard no matter what app they’re running. Those who want more color options apart from BlueBoard’s blue keyboard and Bloard’s infinitely dark keyboard, another tweak in the Cydia App Store called Fancy allows users to change not just the keyboard colors, but the screen colors and themes as well.

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