IPhone 5s and 5c: Revolutionary Mobile Phones on IOS 7

Analysts and observant fans were not wrong in predicting that the special event announced by Apple is also the launching of new iPhones in the market. In fact, the powerhouse portable device manufacturer launched, not one, but two iPhones—iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Both iPhones follow the same, physical construction, but they possess different features that target specific market. If you’re not updated about this new device, now is the high time to learn about the two new Apple devices that currently buzz in the technology world.

iphone 5s 5c ios 7

IPhone 5s: The slick mobile phone for classy individuals

IPhone 5s may look like its predecessor, but careful check show a very slick phone designed for classy individuals. Those who wish to don a power entrepreneur style will also find their match in 5s. It possesses a more crisp and precise detailing styled to perfection. Silky smooth panels, lustrous beveled lining, and elegant finishes are enough in prompting people to drop everything and look at its fancy appeal.

In the past, iPhones, as well as other Apple portable devices, were only available in black and white finishes. However, the company decided to add a third color to adorn this phone series. The third color is gold lining a white iPhone 5s.

Of course, iPhone 5s is not all beauty. It is the sign of Apple’s continuous devotion in meeting the changing market demands in technology. Performance is also enhanced by incorporating new age mobile technology. It is powered with A7 processor chip for faster performance, Touch ID or fingerprint sensor, extremely fast LTE network support, and a lot more.

IPhone 5c: The cheaper and colorful line for trendy people

While 5s is available in three color combinations, Apple took the word trendy to the next level by releasing its own version of colorful iPhones and name it iPhone 5c. Launched in five colors, trendy individuals will find the right iPhone that works with their personal style. IPhone 5c owners can also customize their devices’ styles by matching different colored cases for better appeal.

Colors are this line’s primary attracting feature. However, Apple set the bar higher in terms of market competition by selling 5c at cheaper price. The company cut down the cost on construction by using cheaper yet quality plastic. Performance is still enhanced through A6 chip and with other new features.

IOS 7: The identical feature
Both phones are unique, but they utilize the same iOS 7, the latest and most powerful mobile phone operating system from Apple. These two lines are considered the groundbreaking phones of the year, which call for using improved operating systems. This OS runs perfectly with the installed chips and with better features in taking photos. Other functionalities are also offered with the software, giving way to maximized user experience.

IPhone 5s and 5c are now sold in the United States. Reports have it that the latest phone lines will start to tap other countries’ phone market starting October 25. With powerful features, it’s understandable why a lot of people look forward to its release.

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