How to Take Secret Screenshots of Snapchat Pictures in iOS 7 Without Notifying the Sender

Many people use Snapchat because of its privacy settings. Users can send photos to other users and choose whether the photos will appear anywhere from one to ten seconds before self-deleting. This feature makes it “safer” to send photos to others without worrying that the photo will be making the rounds on the internet. Of course, there is a catch. Recipients can take screenshots of the photos they receive – if they’re fast enough. Luckily for the senders, they are notified whenever a friend takes a screenshot of the photos sent to them, making it easier to track who has a copy of the photo. Snapchat is available for download on Android, Windows Phone (unofficial app), and iOS devices and has become very popular, especially among teenagers and young adults.

Snapchat works well on Apple devices; however, when iOS 7 was first released, the developers of this app were not able to anticipate the adjustments made for devices running on this new firmware version. This adjustment, which involves canceling out the touch gesture when taking a screenshot, nullified Snapchat’s all-important privacy setting by allowing screenshots to be taken without sending a notification to the sender. Snapchat’s developers quickly went to work to resolve this issue and soon enough, this glitch was corrected and Snapchat became “secure” again.

It may be too late for iOS 7 users to take advantage of this loophole in the system, but those who have jailbroken phones can still store Snapchat photos on their phone without taking a screenshot (which will notify the sender). All they need to do is to go to the Cydia App Store and download and install the tweak called Snapchat Log. This tweak is exactly what the name suggests. It records all Snapchat interactions and saves the photos on the device without having to take a screenshot. Once installed, users can go to the Settings App and toggle on Open Snapchat Log. There are two versions of this tweak – a free one and a paid one. The free version only keeps track of the interactions, but does not save the photos on the device. The paid tweak on the other hand, allows users to secretly keep photos sent to them through Snapchat. Users can also delete individual photos or the entire interaction log using this tweak. For now, Snapchat Log only works for photos. Saving video interactions are not supported just yet, but they may be included in the future.

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